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To OCS or not to OCS?

Started by gmanzero, 07/03/2003 10:48AM
Posted 07/03/2003 10:48AM Opening Post
Okay...I've been following some of the conversations here regarding which binoviewer, yada, yada, yada...and now I'm totally confused.

I have a Borg 125ED for which I plan to purchase a binoviewer. I have been looking at the Hutech binoviewer. Hutech claims 22mm clear aperature and that I can remove my Borg focuser and attach the Hutech binoviewer with a short-path diagonal removing the need for any barlow. This seems like a good thing to me as there would be no increase in magnification.

However, I'm awaiting delivery on a 14" F4.7 dob and it occurred to me that if I like these things I'm probably going to want to use them in the dob. At this point, am I going to need an OCS or barlow? Can I buy an OCS from Denk or Siebert, etc. that will work with these binoviewers? Should I be looking at different binoviewers? The main reason I want to go with the Hutech binos is that I can remove the main focuser and go without a barlow. These binos have individual EP focusers.

Yes, I am confused...constructive help would be appreciated.