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Started by Scheifer, 01/30/2003 11:34AM
Posted 01/30/2003 11:34AM Opening Post
Herb, Your directive that we not discuss Mr. Siebert has turned into a license for Mr. Siebert to post unsubstantiated accusations of wrongful conduct by others on review sites, as well as supportive posts from others that discuss his behavior. (I'm not talking about the comments on his equipment, which are appropriate.) I thought you said this topic was no longer allowed. Are Mr. Siebert and his supporters exempt from your directive. It only applies to people who are critical of him? What gives? You said people violating your directive would be removed from Astromart. Mr. Siebert has clearly violated your directive. Has he been removed? Paul
Posted 01/30/2003 11:49AM #1

I have been reading HS posts and they are conciliatory
and informative.
That is allowed.
I think everyone has made their point and have moved on.