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Tonight's the big night!

Started by JamesMiller, 04/19/2005 04:37PM
Posted 04/19/2005 04:37PM Opening Post
I'm finally finished the home built binoviewer. (Many
thanks to my Dad, who is a machinist, and did the
machine work for me.)

My Nexstar11GPS is outside right now acclimating. Once it
gets dark, the big test begins. I'll be trying it on
Jupiter, Saturn and the Moon.

Attached is a pic of it with a pair of 20mm GSO Superviews.
(BTW, I tried these in mono last night. I'm pretty
impressed, especially for the price ($50 shipped for the
pair here on Astromart - Thanks Mark!)

Wish me luck that I did it right, and it works! I'll post
later tonight or tomorrow with results.

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Posted 04/19/2005 05:27PM #1
They look great, let us know how they worked!

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