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TV BinoVue's on Starmaster f/4.3?

Started by lintonius, 04/06/2006 05:15PM
Posted 04/06/2006 05:15PM Opening Post
Greetings binoviewers. I need a little help.
I'm hoping someone with a Starmaster like mine,
has experience with the TeleVue BinoVue unit.
I'm looking at one that includes the 2x amplifier/corrector,
but the owner cannot find the 1x extension tube, which he hasn't needed to use.
Will the unit come to focus without the extension?
Or perhaps, the 2x corrector is what allows it to do so.
I am just beginning to learn all this, as I have been
telling myself I would never buy a binoviewer. cwy
I've got too many EP's already. But alas, I am weak!
The temptation has become too great!
Linton grin