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Using the Denkmeier binoviewer powerswitch

Started by DonDurbin, 05/04/2005 07:49PM
Posted 05/04/2005 07:49PM Opening Post
To All,

Tonight I pulled out my Celestron 9.25 along with my Denkmeier binoviewer, a Denkmeier single arm SCT power switch and my modified Denkmeier SCT power switch diagonal. The Denkmeier optics in it have been replaced with the optics from a Siebert multimag. This allows this powerswitch diagonal to work with both single eyepieces and binoviewers alike. I believe this is similar to the newer Denkmeier Powerswitch diagonals. The reducer side has been replaced with the multimag 1.2X lens and the multiplier single has been replaced with the multimag 2.0X lens.

My choice of eyepieces was my pair of Siebert 24mm Ultra Plus. This seems to be a good choice of eyepiece with the Denkmeier binoviewers.

Using the Sieberts 24mm EPs in the Denkmeier binoviewer with all switches out produced a nice crisp image of Jupiter. With the SCT power switch engaged I was able to focus and was rewarded with a much wider view. This really proved to be a benefit when I engaged the power switch diagonal arms. The magnification levels with the SCT powerswitch engaged worked very well with Jupiter tonight. I found the power of the power switch diagonal a little high for Jupiter. Still both powers came to focus and provided good if slightly overpowered images.

I have a Williams Optics crayford focuser on my C9.25 so I did not need to use the 2" visual back that came with the Denkmeier Power Switch diagonal.

The total number of magnifications with this setup available to me tonight was 6. Starting with the original power, you can get a reduced power with the SCT Power switch engaged. The two power arms on the Powerswitch diagonal gives you four more powers, two powers with the SCT powerswitch in and two more powers with the SCT powerswitch out.

Denkmeier has a current version that is similar to this setup that sells for $599 for use with refractors.

Don Durbin

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