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Started by larryinca, 06/10/2005 05:32PM
Posted 06/10/2005 05:32PM Opening Post
Thinking about getting the Burgess binoviewer. What do I need to make them work in my XT10i?
Posted 06/10/2005 06:36PM #1

An XT10 does not have the range of focus to use the Burgess binoviewers by themselves. You will need an Optical Corrector or at the very least a Barlow. A Barlow by itself will result in a very high magnification factor. This is because the eyepieces are located so far from the Barlow lens. A Burgess binoviewer has a light path of 100mm. A combination of a Barlow and a focal reducer will work. The quality will be hit or miss.

A while back I posted a message on how to make your own OCA.

Siebert Optics makes an OCA specifically made to work with the Burgess and most reflectors. They also make a Multimag adapter that will work with reflectors and refractors alike.

If you have an SCT you do not need an OCA to reach focus. Also since a Burgess binoviewer has such a short light path, some refractors will focus without an OCA.

I have a TAK FS-128 and I can use my Burgess binoviewer without any corrector. I also have an 8" Orion Atlas and half of an XT10. These need an OCA to reach focus.

Don Durbin