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what do you think of them

Started by Mark Wilding, 12/19/2005 01:23AM
Posted 12/19/2005 01:23AM Opening Post
I would be interested to hear how binoviewer users would describe the advantages of using them, how they might enhance the sky watching experience. I imagine they would at least create a sense of a more 3-dimensional/highly resolved image. am I on the right track?
Posted 12/19/2005 04:06AM #1
Hi Mark,

One of the most common experiences most people have with binoviewers is the perceived change in the size of the object you are observing. If you close one eye and use the binoviewer in Cyclops mode and then suddenly open the other eye the object you are observing seems to increase in size by 20% or so. This is assuming you can easily merge the images. Some small percentage of people do have trouble with that.

The next advantage is lack of eye strain. I have heard many people comment on losing track of time while checking out all the features of the moon with both eyes open. You can get lost in the view only to realize that it is suddenly cold out and your back hurts because you have been bent over looking through the binoviewer for 45 minutes or more. When binoviewing most people learn quickly to bring a chair and get comfortable.

I think the advantage I just described also directly translates to another advantage in longer viewing allows your eyes a better chance to adapt to the current conditions.

The 3D effect is also a real crowd pleaser, but I think ,most people will say that it goes away a bit as you become more accustomed to binoviewing. At least it has for me.

For me, binoviewers improve the quality of eyepieces. I think this may be because minor imperfections perceived in only one eye are cancelled out by the view through the other eye. My own personal opinion is that binoviewers make mediocre eyepieces good, good eyepieces great, and great eyepieces become extraordinary.

Don Durbin
Posted 12/19/2005 06:16AM #2
I have only had the chance to use my binos twice since getting everything togather (long story), and because of the weather the only object viewed so far is the moon. All I can say is that, with binos the moon looks like a ball instead of a disk and at higher powers creaters, peaks, and valleys have depth, very 3D like. I felt like I was in an orbet above the surface. The viewing is much more relaxed with both eyes and allows you to just sit and look for long periods without out strain. So far this is my impression of how binoviewing is different than cyclops. The one disadvantage is a noticable amount of light loss. Last week at almost full moon, and the entire visable moon in view, I noticed right away there was no glare compared to cyclops.
I also had a chance to do some terrestial viewing and it was amazing how much more life like things looked.
So far I've enjoyed binoviewing however I can see where it will not totally eliminate my cyclops mode.
Just my $.02

PS The Denkmeier Power x Switch is a wonderful thing.
Posted 12/19/2005 03:30PM #3
Hi Mark,

I agree with all of the positive things mentioned so I'll go the other way and list the only negatives that I've experienced. They're heavy and cause balance problems. Most scopes need a corrector to reach focus. They have a tendency to cause problems in some inexpensive focusers. The length of some correctors can be hard on a diagonal's mirror. They technically degrade an image no matter how good or expensive they are. And their biggest disadvantage is the fact that you will find yourself on some winter's night with frostbite because you've never seen better views and can't bear to leave the scope and go in to warm up. wink

Clear Skies,