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What the--where is everybody?

Started by rmollise, 08/19/2007 07:15AM
Posted 08/19/2007 07:15AM Opening Post
I haven't had much spare time (whatever that is) to vist this forum lately, and I'm surprised at the lack of activity on this once robust place. Is everybody but me tired of their binoviewers? Is binoviewing no longer hip? I figured there's at least be some traffic concerning a certain upcoming 2-inch unit. ;-)

Uncle Rod

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Posted 08/19/2007 12:21PM #1
Rod Mollise said:
a certain upcoming 2-inch unit. ;-)

You mean other than the Siebert models? Tell us more....
Posted 08/23/2007 02:51PM #2
im here with my denk2s and D21s in my 7 LX-200 MCT and lovin the binos actually thinking about getting a mallin cam