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Where did you go Harry?

Started by Mike Sandy, 11/24/2003 12:01AM
Posted 11/24/2003 12:01AM Opening Post
Hey Harry:

You and your friends have made it clear that you discount opinions - no matter what the basis - if they are not formed by actually "hands on" experience with your Bino's. You guys are always right here to provide responses to all types questions....usually with gratuitous semi-praise other companies offerings while hyping some perceived feature or difference with your own. It is a cheap marketing gimmick, but Herb seems to look the other way….so it goes on. But if I ask some direct questions about your Bino’s - you run away, no where to be found. Why is that?

As I have said, I have heard that there is a fairly significant clear aperture difference in your units from side to side. I believe I’ve see posts where Jim Gutman discussed measure techniques and Tom Hole used those techniques to measure a couple of other brands, and saw similar clear apertures of about 26.5mm on either side on the TV units and 24.5mm on the Denk Std. The sample unit of yours was reported (independent of Jim or Tom) to have a 22mm clear aperture on the left side and 20mm on the right, with a corresponding significant decrease in brightness on the right side. Is this your experience with the testing you do?

I continue to be interested in how the user would collimate your units……is that possible, and how?

Do you intend to send a unit to Todd for independent testing? I’ll take that one question one step further, you have a 60 day money back return policy – What if I simply bought a sample and had it tested with the express purpose of publicly reporting the results? Would you agree, in writing, to releasing the results, and refund my money (with the unit returned within the 60 day window) if they don’t perform to my satisfaction. By perform I mean, at a minimum, no vignetting with 13mm/16mm Naglers or 19 Pans, an even 50%-50% light distribution between the left and right sides, and without significant (greater than 1mm) difference in clear aperture from side to side - but then your policy is a “no questions asked” refund isn’t it?.

So what do you say the man.

Posted 11/25/2003 01:58PM #1

I think Harry spends a lot of his time on this forum because he truly wants to help people.

I do not believe that referrals from this forum make up the majority of his sales.

As far as the Black Night Binoviewers go, I personally have compared my Black nights head to head with a pair of televue binoviewers. I have said before that the televue had a slightly better image, but, the difference was very very slight.

I was also at a star party with the public invited were I put my black nights into a C11. The public came down a line of 30 or more telescopes and looked through the black nights. This is the general public not real astronomy buffs, at least 100 or so, and not one person had a problem merging the image. Many stated that this was the best image of Mars they had seen in the line up. I am pretty sure I had a pair of 21mm televue plossls in the unit and we had a yellow filter screwed into the base of the black nights.

When the general public can come down a line and merge images with no problem, and when these same binoviewers can go head to head against a unit costing twice the price, then I have to say that is a very good unit that does not have collimation problems.

Don Durbin