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Where is the problem (ED114&Bino)

Started by progenitor, 06/19/2005 10:15PM
Posted 06/19/2005 10:15PM Opening Post
I have just tried w/o success to bring to focus this combination:

Orion by Vixen ED114 f5.3
aftermarket Joe Cartolano 2" adapter on the end of the Vixen tube
Vernonscope 2" diagonal
no name 2"->1.25" adapter (the lip is ca 8mm, but the adapter is right for this setup as I >just< clear the mirror with the end of the Siebert 1.6x OCA, which sits on the original bino tube)
Burgess C bino with 20mm EPs

I lack some more infocus with glasses on or even more with glasses off (I am myopic i.e. need more intravel)

Generally, my setup looks like pics 5 and 6 here

Of note, I can't screw the OCA directly into the body (for use with a 1.25" diagonal) of the bino as the threads are different. I seem to recall some talk about this problem. The thread on the end of the OCA seems to be removable, held by two set screws.
Plus, my 1.25" diagonal has plastic body, I would not trust it the weight of the setup. I like the stability of using the 2" mirror.

Thanks for your suggestions. I suspect it might be a peculiarity of the short f.l. Vixen.

Posted 06/20/2005 04:12AM #1

I am concerned about your thread problem. If you are saying you cannot screw the OCA into the Burgess, then you need to contact Burgess for a replacement barrel. If you cannot screw the front optic into your 1 1/4" diagonal then you need to replace the diagonal with one that will take optics. Try a 1 1/4 filter and see if it screws into the diagonal and the Burgess.

The two inch diagonal is not really buying you anything here except extra out-travel you do not need. There are plenty of good 1 1/4" diagonals around that will easily support the weight of a Burgess unit. The Burgess binoviewer is one of the lightest on the market.

Relocate the forward element of the OCA to the front of a 1 1/4" diagonal. Since you have a plastic diagonal try relocating the forward element and then supporting the binoviewer while focusing. Once you have made sure you can focus, you can go out and get another metal 1 1/4" diagonal.

You may actually get enough in-travel with a 1 1/4" diagonal that you will not need to relocate the forward element.