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Which 1.25" EP gives the widest FOV possible?

Started by DarthVader, 07/16/2003 07:28AM
Posted 07/16/2003 07:28AM Opening Post
I am curious what 1.25" EP will give the widest "usable" FOV in a pair of bino's? Imgage quality must be considered. It doesn't do any good to mathmatically say an EP has a wide FOV if it's hard to view or the image is poor.

Paul Atkinson
Posted 07/16/2003 08:20AM #1
The weatherman has a few choices, scroll down the page to eyepieces
Posted 08/30/2003 12:25PM #2
i have microscope bino (zeiss) modified by dankmieir optics and received a 2x multiplier, starsweeper and variable adapter(VA)... couldn't refuse because they gave me an excellent deal modifying this...thanx Dank-optics!!!!!!!

i wasn't quite sure what this VA does. now i do.. what it does is demagnifies your ep, giving you wider view of the sky....i have meade 8ingps and i could never put the whole moon in the FOV even w/ 40mm ep.... add VA on my bino and voila, i have the whole moon in the FOV. it make it almost 80mm ep. i was very surprised about this effect.. just to test out what i'm seeing, i replaced 40mm w/ 20mm w/ VA and i see same size of the moon as 40mm w/o VA... isn't that interesting. only caution i add is that SCT has long backfocuse and because of that i have no problem... i suspect that reflectors and refractors might not get 1/2x. perhaps 1/4, 1/3, or etc. check w/ dank optics for more info but, this VA is adjustable so, it might be compatible w/ non-SCT scope as well.

one other thing, i'm pretty much into clusters and planets...not much DSO because of my location (1/2hr NW of NYC) therefore, my two TV 8-24mm click eps are my work horse w/ my mod-bino and it's excellent.... i do envy some astronomers w/ naglers and temptation is there but, i must resist....don't have $1000 to spend for 2 eps(have 2 kids, a dog, 2 cats and 15 fresh water fishes) u know what i mean...

i'll never go back to cycloping. good viewing to you all.