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Which Binoviewer?

Started by Chad Cummins, 07/02/2003 02:29PM
Posted 07/02/2003 02:29PM Opening Post
I have a 12.5 EL starmaster and a 3" flourite refractor. now that the latest models are out who makes the best package for me. And is there are perfomance difference between 22mm prisms and 26mm prisms. Please no flame war just interested in your thoughts before I lay my money down.

Posted 07/03/2003 07:37AM #1

I own a Denkmeier with 25mm clear aperture, and a BW Optik, and a Siebert Black Night both with 22mm clear aperture. On Planets and Lunar, there is no big difference. On deep sky objects using optical systems of 10" and larger, I also see no big difference. You should go to Todd Gross's website and read his unbiased review on a 27mm clear aperture Tele Vue compared to a 22mm Siebert Optics unit. Todd use's 10" and larger scopes, and he seems to see no big difference between the two. During day time observing, I also see no difference between the 25mm clear aperture Denk, and the BW Optik and the Black Night with 22mm clear aperture.

Posted 07/03/2003 09:16AM #2

Welcome to the nutty world of binoviewer groups. There seems to be a great deal of passion amongst binoviewers (people). There also seems to be a great deal of brand loyalty as well. Not an indictment, just my impression.

Good luck with your quest. Whatever you decide to buy, you will enjoy the binoviewing experience immensely. I know I have.

Clear skies,


Posted 07/07/2003 07:37PM #3

Get the AP/Baader which are simply the best you can have. That solves all this other stuff.