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Whither Binoviewers

Started by rmollise, 06/27/2008 07:27AM
Posted 06/27/2008 07:27AM Opening Post
I recall not long ago this here forum was jumpin'. Dozens of new messages everytime I looked. What do y'all reckon happened? Was everything said that needed to be said? Were binoviewers themselves just a flash in the pan? What?


Uncle Rod

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Posted 06/27/2008 07:36AM #1
Hi Rod,

Still waiting for someone to review the Earth Win Binoviewers.

There are some other items I have heard of and I am waiting on but I do not want to speculate on them.

Don Durbin

Posted 06/27/2008 04:03PM #2
Maybe: Lots of people bought cheap binoviewers, which were really intended originally for microscope objectives and are not well corrected internally. As such the views are less than great. The really good binoviewers are very expensive to make, and thus do not appeal to the average buyer with a limited budget. We do sell quite a few Baader Mark V binos and those who have them are using them, me included.