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who did in the Binoviewer group?

Started by nils_schoultz, 01/27/2003 12:47AM
Posted 01/27/2003 12:47AM Opening Post
Hello all,
I was also sad to see that the Binoviewer group was gone. A couple of months ago I posted some questions on the forum and was surprised to receive very long and thoughtful answers which helped a lot in my decision making.
Of course I, and I think many others, would like to make sure that I do not do business in the future with the person concerned. My question is, how am I to know who the person concerned is? I could make an educated guess (and I may on this forum if no one else is willing to name names), but I would obviously not like to make a mistake. If the matter is how it appears, I can see no legal risk in naming the eyepiece/binoviewer maker so that others who may be just now thinking about buying a binoviewer can know who to avoid.
Of course, the next message may be from a John Doe claiming to be a lawyer and warning us all!
Thanks again to Jim for setting up the group, sorry for the hassle it caused you in the end.
best wishes,
Posted 01/27/2003 10:32AM #1

I've talked with Jim extensively on this - it will be back. Either on yahooo groups or elsewhere. It's too good of a resource to stay dead.

Tom T.