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William Optics new Binoviewer

Started by glen scott, 08/02/2005 08:52PM
Posted 08/02/2005 08:52PM | Edited 08/02/2005 09:01PM Opening Post
Check this out, William Optics bino has Compression ring eyepiece holders. This feature with the rest of the package makes them the best deal going.See link:
Posted 08/03/2005 09:51AM | Edited 08/03/2005 09:52AM #1
Binoviewers have been at the bottom of my long list of astro goodies to buy, however this looks like quite a bargain and WO has a good reputation for quality. Still, I'd want to read a number of reviews before purchasing. I wonder how these are matched to different scopes (type of scope and focal length).
Posted 08/16/2005 12:25PM | Edited 08/16/2005 12:26PM #2
I've been agonizing over the decision to get a binoviewer. I didn't know whether it would work with my equipment, and most of all, I just didn't know whether I would like using them. I was reluctant to go for broke on an expensive set, and I tend to believe that buying cheap is a waste of time and money. When I saw the WO setup, however, I thought, how can I go wrong? Binoviewers with compression rings, case, barlow, and two reasonably good eyepieces for under $250.00, including sales tax and shipping! Yow! I ordered a set today! If they work out, I'll upgrade later, and if they don't, I'm not out a potload of money. It's a win-win situation! Life is good. 8)


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Posted 08/29/2005 07:26PM #3
I saw the specs Williams has posted, aperture listed at 20.2 instead of the 22 available on most models in the $200 price range. Any one have any idea how much difference 1.8 mm will make?