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Williams Optics Binoviewer

Started by dj123, 11/08/2005 06:27PM
Posted 11/08/2005 06:27PM Opening Post
I just received my WO binoviewer and it will not come to focus with the included OCS, it will when the OCS is used in combo with a 1.8x Televue barlow and it will when used with a short 2x barlow with or w/o the OCS. It will not focus with the 1.8x alone. This is with a Discovery 15" sonotube dob. Bino's arrived well packaged and look well made,image of the moon is good, even when looking at it through clouds. No problem merging. I think they are worth the money.
Extra grease from somewhere as I now have sticky fingers.
Posted 11/08/2005 06:46PM #1
Hi David,
Your problem is that the OCA needs an extension tube. However if you add one it will then become maybe 3x. The solution is to buy a OCA from Siebert Optics that will give you 1.6x and it will come to focus. He can make it so that you can use the WO OCA too and give you maybe 3x and combined maybe 4x. Cost is $79 plus shipping.

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