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ZenithStar 80mm SHORT

Started by DonDurbin, 04/25/2006 09:46AM
Posted 04/25/2006 09:46AM Opening Post
Hi All,

Well I pulled the trigger on a ZenithStar 80mm SHORT tube. That is the one setup for binoviewing. The stock lens that comes with it is a 480mm Doublet. The tube length is advertised as 11" fully retracted, but when talking to the manufacturer, there was a 12.4" number mentioned.

This assembly should focus any of the 100mm light path binoviewer just fine, but I would also like to focus my 45mm Elite binoviewer.

To increase my chances of that working I went ahead and pulled the trigger on the Apograde Package. That lens has a focal length of 560mm which should allow the 45 Elite to focus.

I had WO include the original lens in the shipment to me for an ETX-70 project scope that I got on Astromart. That particular scope has an 80mm lens on it and I am hoping it will benefit from the switch to a WO stock Doublet.

I am also going to get a one piece long extension made so that I can use my new ZenithStar with my Cannon DSLR.

While I am doing this I will be trying out all my binoviewers on the new scope and I will post how many extensions each type needs to come to focus.

Of course this will mean N.E. Ohio should be clouded out for the next two or three weeks. shocked

Don 8)
Posted 04/27/2006 06:57AM #1
Hi Don,

You researched this purchase, right?

Tom T.