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Zooms in a Binoviewer...

Started by mourip, 12/22/2003 05:53AM
Posted 12/22/2003 05:53AM Opening Post

I am "think'in on" setting up my Tak Sky 90 with a binoviewer. I have been lurking on the forums for a bit and also looking over web links for the better viewers and their respective reviews however I never seem to find folks using zoom EP's for binoviewers. Is there a technical/practical reason for this or does one just not get good enough quality from available EP's. I have a TV 3-6 and a TV 8-24. I was hoping to find out that I could just get another mate for these and be in business. I also have a TV Pan 24mm which I do know will work well...

Anyone out there happily using a pair of zooms?

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Posted 12/22/2003 07:54AM #1

A buddy of mine has a pair of the 3-6 zooms, and has problems merging the images at 4mm and under.

These are one of the few eyepieces he has that problem with.

Personally, I was somewhat saddened to hear that - I have a 3-6 zoom and was hoping to pair it myself. I'm looking forward to hearing other responses.

Tom T.