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10" f/6 Zambuto vs. 16" f/5 Intermountain

Started by Joe Bruessow, 05/31/2003 05:32PM
Posted 05/31/2003 05:32PM Opening Post
Alright... I asked this before but the day is here. My 16" f/5 Intermountain Optics primary is here. Now I have to decide... complete a dob for this mirror or complete the 10" f/6 Zambuto dob I started accumulating parts for several months ago.

It is kind of raw aperture vs. reputation. I have heard good things about Intermountain Optics but have never looked through a scope with one. The Zambuto name is basically "beyond reproach" these days. I appreciate any opinions and experiences... especially with Intermountain Optics. Thanks!
Posted 05/31/2003 06:48PM #1

Even with a reputation...aperture rules...without calculting...your looking at at least 100% more light gathering...

If the Intermountain Optics are any good at all, the images will blow away any 10"....regardless of the maker...



ps You will see things with the 16 that you would only hope to see with the 10".....and then they would be faint fuzzy's!!!!!!!!
Posted 05/31/2003 07:21PM #2
I have an Intermountain Optics 22" mirror, and its excellent. The 16" will be far superior to a 10" for deep sky and planetary, limited only by seeing, IMO. Ken Levin (see picture of scope posted in the forum)
Posted 05/31/2003 09:00PM #3
Joe, what are your priorities for observing? DSOs? Planetary and lunar? Binaries?

In this case, I would be careful not to just accept the simple axiom that "more aperture = better views". That axiom assumes a lot! The 16" may deliver more light for DSO viewing, but that doesn't automatically mean that planetary, lunar, and binaries will be better. Not all mirrors are equal in terms of accuracy or smoothness.

If Intermountain mirrors were as highly-regarded as Zambuto, then Intermountain would have the same reputation of excellence as Zambuto. But they don't.

Find someone who has actually compared, side by side, comparably-sized and mounted Intermountain and Zambuto mirrors, and listen to their opinions. Otherwise, rely on Zambuto's excellent reputation, which wouldn't exist if the difference wasn't obvious to so many people.

Maybe you should stick with the 10" Zambuto, and down the road, see if you can somehow aquire a 16" Zambuto. A 10" Zambuto, with a good secondary and scope structure, could be a wonderful scope. I do know that Zambuto mirrors have completely changed my expectations of what "quality mirrors" are all about, and this came after comparing them with other mirrors.

And if you decide to go the 16" route, sign me up as the first person interested in buying your 10" Z mirror.