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2 Star Alignment for Meade LXD 650/750

Started by klawson, 12/18/2005 11:43PM
Posted 12/18/2005 11:43PM Opening Post
Hi All,

Does anyone who owns a Meade Apo and mount know if there is a way to do a 2 star alignment without using polaris as one of the stars? I can do a single star alignment, a HP alignment, and a two star polar alignment but can find no information in the manual concerning how to perform a simple 2 star alignment. This is what the manual says concerning the "critical" alignment of the LXD750 mount:

*A "critical" alignment will improve the pointing accuracy of the telescope to 2 arc-minutes or better. This type of alignment requires accurate SITE information, time, date, proper selection of the two alignment stars, and a reticle eyepiece to exactly center the alignment stars. These steps generally require only a few extra seconds to accomplish, and improve the telescope's positioning by a substantial amount. Using the "critical" alignment will provide telescope positioning suitable for all but the most demanding pointing applications—including CCD imaging with larger chip cameras, like the Meade Pictor 416XT and Pictor 1616XT CCD cameras.*

This info tells you what you need but not how to select the two alignment stars for the alignment. All Meade computerized mounts can do this so I'm guessing there is a way to do it for the LXD 750. This would be great for star party use since the polar alignment could be a rough alignment but the computer would compensate for any polar alignment error.



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Posted 12/19/2005 02:07PM #1
Keith Lawson said:
Does anyone who owns a Meade Apo and mount know if there is a way to do a 2 star alignment without using polaris as one of the stars?

I have an LX200, but I think the software is similar on both the older LX and the LXD. I think what they mean is a more critical "polar" alighnment. The only way the do a two star alignment on my platform without having to use Polaris in in Alt/Az mode which your equatorial obviously can't do. In EQ mode with a wedge I always have to start with Polaris and then center the next star it picks for you. If that star is obscured you can pick another manually. You can sync on a star for better accuracy that general area, but it doesn't help your polar accuracy.