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26mm Nagler Nickname?

Started by web0178230, 05/19/2002 12:53AM
Posted 05/19/2002 12:53AM Opening Post
Okay, if the 31mm Nagler is affectionately refered to as the "TermiNagler" or the "Holy Handgrenade", what shall we call the new 26mm Nagler? "Almost TermiNagler" just doesn't sound right. "Holy Bank Account Buster" might be appropriate.

Seriously, I've **gotta** have the 26mm! It fits very well with my aging pupils that only open to about 5-5.5mm when dark adapted. The 31mm would only give me a little more field of view and I'd be wasting some light. With the 26mm, I'll get all of the light and only a little less FOV. Now I've just gotta scrape up enough cash to get one when they are released.
Posted 05/19/2002 02:13AM #1
Hey Bill. Prolly ought'a wait and see how big it is, but here's my suggestion:


It's only partly cloudy, so I best go "haul" out the Pentax.