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$429 80mm Apo??????

Started by Zhimbo, 08/12/2003 02:59PM
Posted 08/12/2003 02:59PM Opening Post
Looks like Orion is moving back in to the high end market after dropping the Vixen line...

But how in the world do you sell an 80mm APO refractor for $429???????

This is going to cause some waves...
Posted 08/12/2003 03:14PM #1
I was waiting for Synta to do this - the handwriting was all over the wall for a long time!! And I will probably sell off a few items to get one.

Boy, now we can flame about BOTH the "Acro-vs-APO" and "cheap off-shore junk-scopes vs, high end stuff" topics all at the same time! Should be "Verly-intereesting"!

My asbestos undies are on all ready ... let the flames leap!


Tom Mengel
Moderator Equipment Talk

“Insanity: Trying the same thing over and over and expecting different results”.
Albert Einstein
Posted 08/12/2003 03:28PM #2
My guess is that this is ED refractor, not a true APO scope.

Posted 08/12/2003 05:32PM #3
Wow! Great price. This will be my disposable APO. Instead of cleaning the objective, I'll throw it away and purchase a new one after a year. Talk about a maintenance free

Posted 08/13/2003 05:31PM #4
What I hear is a lot of expensive telescope makers sucking a little wind. Now what we need is a good high quality goto mount that doesn't cost and arm and a leg.

Posted 08/13/2003 05:53PM #5
Wow this is great news. At the same time I don’t see this as a threat to any of the "real" APO's. I'm a proud owner of a TV 85, and to tell you the truth just the build quality and finish of the scope is worth the price. I constantly have friends that come over and comment on how good the TV looks. When they ask how much it cost I try to change the subject or something because I think they will take me for a crazy man paying that much for a scope. In reality we will all need to wait for some reviews to come out to judge how the optics are. But ever if the optics are close to on par to say a TV-85 we all know the build quality is going to suck big time in comparison. Reason I know is that I just got an AR6 and while it is a beautiful scope when setup it in no way compares to the ultra polished TV. For one the focuser is pretty rough, the due shield sucks, and the paint on it is not as good at is on the TV. Just thoughts....