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A few set screw marks!!!

Started by vhall, 01/14/2005 05:00PM
Posted 01/14/2005 05:00PM | Edited 01/14/2005 05:01PM Opening Post
Came across this Gem in the eyepiece ads.Sets a new standard for setscrew marks 8O For those interested

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Posted 01/14/2005 05:33PM #1
Hey, it says made in "Japan", so what are you complaining about!

Hugh Bartlett

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Posted 01/14/2005 07:20PM #2
Sent in for cleaning? Why? :S It should have been sent in for burial. wink

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Posted 01/14/2005 08:01PM | Edited 01/15/2005 12:22AM #3
I wonder if he ever heard mention the "Holy Grenade" term for some of these large eyepieces and tried to toss it and see if it would explode!

I've never seen an eyepiece in such a shape before! 8O

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Posted 01/15/2005 05:50AM #4
I suspect one would not have to worry about loosing ones grip with this particular ocular. But I would worry about obtaining lacerations or corneal abrasions in practical use!
Posted 01/15/2005 06:23AM #5
If the optics are in good shape, it's still a good eyepiece. Probably worth at least $60. Upper and lower barrels are easily replaced. I've bought dozens of new ones for between $1 and $4, brand new/unused. I often replace barrels with "user" barrels and then replace the original when reselling. They're available for $1.25 from Bill Vorce at The Telescope Warehouse.
The eyepiece is still usable. -Kurt Horsley