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After last night.....

Started by Ron777, 04/18/2004 01:00PM
Posted 04/18/2004 01:00PM Opening Post
I'm not going to worry about adding a fan to the scope, oh man, the veiws were breathtaking!!!

I put a fan behind the scope like I've done before, but left it going for an hour, that combined with nice transparent atmosphere and steady skies, gave me the best of Jupiter I"ve ever seen! See bottom of pic for representation of the veiws I got. Here is the verbal report of what I saw that I emailed to a friend, the pics look close to my visual, but do not do the "awe" factor justice. So I think this set up is good enough!
I got even better than my best views of Jupiter last night, oh man, it was amazing! It almost looked like a CCD photo! The GRS was pinkish and easy, I could see the line around it, detail in the band that's right by it, the split. I could see a line (actually below but newts veiw is upsidedown) above the GRS and whitish where the ovals are in the polar region. The lower band had wisps and a arm thing sticking out of it! That was all at 256 power, THEN I put the barlow on and went to 512 power, Jupiter lost some contrast but was still sharp!!! It was HUGE!!!! All that detail was still there, just bigger like a picture.

And when the moons went by (this is the best part) I could tell that they were defined orbs and see their different sizes. One moon had a dark area on it and a shiny spot!!!! I am still in awe over this. I saw something on one of Jupiters moons, man, I'll never forget that view!

The moon in the pic below is very accurate to what it looked like, it had a bright spot and a dark area, amazing!


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Posted 04/18/2004 01:24PM #1
Ron, I'm really glad you had one of those "SPECIAL NIGHTS"...
The memories you get from them will last a lifetime...

Clear skies!


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Posted 04/18/2004 01:41PM #2
It's amazing how many of those "special" nights are accompanied by active cooling. I have been doing some experiments on this with my 12.5" and the difference is simply stunning.

Gary Weber
Posted 04/18/2004 02:56PM #3

Is that a 10" scope?? 12"