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Anyone ever consider a tilted Dob?

Started by Inge_S, 08/15/2002 12:31PM
Posted 08/15/2002 12:31PM Opening Post
By tilting a Dob arrangement with the correct angle, it would be possible to make an equatorial out of it. There are some problems associated with this, particularly lateral load on the vertical (if tilted, the polar) axis, a problem which would be less serious at higher latitudes. At the north pole any Dob (except the Portaball) would work as a perfect equatorial.

Advantages would be easier navigation for manual/visual use, and benefits for persons considering astrophotography. And the "difficult zone" would be moved from zenith to the less interesting polar region.

Has anybody made or considered to make such an arrangement with a Dob? Any problems? (I do not think about older fork mounted Newtonians - there were a few of those, very heavy and expensive telescopes.)
Posted 08/15/2002 01:04PM #1

What would be the difference between a "tilted" dob and a dob on an equatorial platform?

Posted 08/15/2002 04:20PM #2
There was an article in the September 1995 issue of Sky and Telescope about one made by Philip Alotis of San Francisco, CA. It was a 12.5" F 7 newtonian on a "convertible" dob mount. He used an automotive front wheel hub and brake assembly for the RA/ azimuth axis. Among the other novel features was a magnetic finder base used so that there wouldn't be any marks on the beautifully finished wood tube. I have attached a picture of it.

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