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Bino Mount

Started by klawson, 04/16/2006 11:54AM
Posted 04/16/2006 11:54AM | Edited 04/16/2006 01:47PM Opening Post
Would anyone be interested in a machined aluminum HD parallelogram bino mount with a 20lb bino capacity? (20lbs for the bino and 20lb counterweight for a total of 40lbs capacity) It would be in kit form to save on the cost. (you choose your own finish and put it together) At my last check a mount of this capacity was in the 700.00 range. What good is it to have 100mm binos that can cost as little as 200.00 and have to spend up to 700.00 to mount it well :S The prototype is complete. (waiting for the tripod to arrive) I'm just looking for some feedback.


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Posted 04/16/2006 03:51PM #1
I'd be interested in a mount like that. Can you post some pics of the prototype?

Posted 04/19/2006 07:26PM #2
Looks good. I've built a bunch of similar ones using a bandsaw and disc sander (yours is WAY better) with oak tripods. Tried to sell a handful at RTMC in the $300 range and lost money. Doesn't hurt to try it out, though.
OBTW, my old lathe is a 12x24" Southbend hiding under a Crafstman label.