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Celestron C65 Maksutov

Started by Doug Peterson, 08/13/2004 04:26PM
Posted 08/13/2004 04:26PM | Edited 08/13/2004 04:36PM Opening Post
The two samples of this scope I tested had severely decollimated optics. Oddly, the glass itself didn't seem too bad: out of focus stars were round, with some correction error, but the secondary obstruction was off-center pretty much counting the image out even for casual terrestrial use. The mis-collimation was obvious to the eye looking down either end of the tube. While the obstruction looks small at the corrector, the baffle tube appears to take a bigger bite out of the center. One of the two had such an unsmooth focuser that it was impossible to focus without moving the image out of the field. The zoom is pretty awful too.

Okay, I shouldn't expect a Questar for 60 bucks. Unfortunately, as it is all glued together plasic (is it possible to injection-mold an entire telescope complete?) there is NO way to alter the collimation short of sawing it in half.

Anyone else?

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