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CG-5 Advanced Series NON-GOTO Equatorial Mount

Started by William123, 03/07/2004 07:55AM
Posted 03/07/2004 07:55AM Opening Post
Anyone here have experience with this new, NON-GOTO version of the Celestron CG-5 mount? With its new tripod, can it support a C9.25 adequately for VISUAL work? I know that a GM-8 or G-11 would better support my C9.25 (I own a G-11 already), but I am looking for a lighter, cheaper, but still adequate alternative.

Thank you.

Posted 03/08/2004 05:26AM #1
Hi Bill,
Did you ever think about just purchasing a GM-8 tripod and also using it with your G-11 mount.I say this becouse with the GM-8 tripod you can fold in the legs and carry mount and tripod out side in one piece.The cost for the CG-5 mount verses the cost of a GM-8 tripod would be close to the same. But then with your GM-11 mount you would be way head for being more stable.