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Cost Per Inch Of Aperture

Started by web0178230, 10/06/2002 02:50PM
Posted 10/06/2002 02:50PM Opening Post
7" Teleport just listed for $3,000.00 USD. $429.00 (approx) per inch of aperture. Looking at an 18" StarMaster (only because that's what I'd buy if I won the lottery ), gives a cost per inch of aperture of about $333.00. What's the best scope in terms of CPIA? What's an average CPIA figure? Just a thought process.
Posted 10/06/2002 07:04PM #1
I bet its whatever the market will bear. The good old american way. Some will have it and some will not. That 7 inch likely comes with light spirits, surrounded by galactic halos and the holy grail. Insane for 7 inches. I think my dad was right, the best sales are where two fools meet.
Posted 10/06/2002 08:35PM #2
Well, you don't buy a 7" Teleport because you're even thinking about CPIA. The 7" Teleport has a rather specific appeal due to its portability and convenience. It's particularly appealing for traveling when most of the competition is 4" or smaller with even higher CPIA.

Personally, I think CPIA will take you down the wrong path in telescope buying unless, perhaps, you are one of the lucky ones who can leave a large scope set up and ready to use, in place, in a private observatory or maybe get it out easily in some kind of roll-it-out arrangement. Otherwise, it's not unusual to hear of large scope owners who use them a few times a YEAR. I typically have my 10" Teleport out a few times a WEEK.

I think the cost of a scope should be measured in cost per hour of enjoyment--CPHE. Actuaries and bankers may want to set a discount rate and compute a present value, but these are mere details that apply to all the contestants. Thinking in terms of CPHE may mix things up a bit, and the benefits of more aperture make the Teleports some of the best scopes available at any price in terms of CPHE, despite a high CPIA for Newts--IMHO, of course, and YMMV. ;-)

Unfortunately, the term "available" is being used loosely in regard to Teleports.