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Diffraction grating?

Started by Inge_S, 12/12/2002 06:53AM
Posted 12/12/2002 06:53AM Opening Post
Can anyone tell me where to find some not too expensive replica diffraction grating? I need it as an aid to locate small planetary nebulae, and perhaps even viewing some of the more prominent spectral features in stellar spectra. It could be useful for educational purposes as well.

Another question: Will it work if I mount the grating in an eyepiece filter, i.e. apply the grating before the light enters the eyepiece? This would be much more convenient than holding the grating between the eyepiece and the eyes.

I would like to experiment with this, trying different arrangements and, if possible, try grating with different grooves per mm values. Suggestions? Advice?
Posted 12/12/2002 06:06PM #1
I'd start looking in the Edmund Scientifics web site, and their optics site.