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Discovery DHQ 8"f7?

Started by Steve Stonehill, 09/28/2003 09:49AM
Posted 09/28/2003 09:49AM Opening Post
Hi Gang,

Does anyone use this scope? I'm giving it some serious consideration as my weekend planetary scope. I had an 8" Star Hopper with a tapered Discovery primary and was wondering what the new ones are like. Are they tapered and what is the overall quality?


Posted 09/28/2003 10:59AM #1
I almost got that scope but got the 10 inch F5.6 instead, it was a tough choice! But mine is also DHQ and the quality is great, really enjoying it. Best images I've seen so far in a scope smile

Posted 09/28/2003 02:30PM #2
Hi Steve,
I have an 8" f/7 DHQ. I upgraded to the JMI focuser.

It is very good optically but the rocker box needs work. I have added three braces to mine. Not really a big deal but still . . .

I also rigged up a counterbalance with velcro and a weight because switching from a typical Plossl size to a 12mm Nagler requires some rebalancing at 60 degree elevation or lower.

When I first purchased it I also had an XT8 and compared them optically. I could barely tell the difference.

Mechanically, I would say that out of the box the XT8 was definitely better.

The longer tube on the f/7 also is something to consider. It is quite a bit longer than I expected.

If I didn't have more money invested in the Discovery I would have kept the XT8.