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Fan Installed!

Started by Steve Stonehill, 10/11/2003 01:35PM
Posted 10/11/2003 01:35PM Opening Post
Hi Gang,

I want to thank all of the people who gave great advice and encouragement on fan installation. People like Tom H., Gene B., Floyd B., and all of the others who spend so much effort to help fellow astronomers. THANKS GUYS! I installed a fan today and just looking at a sign 700 feet away with and without the fan running was amazing! I did cut a 3" hole in the tube and left the opposite side alone. The exhaust comes out of the back end from around the primary. I used a Radio Shack brushless 2500 rpm fan and mounted it with sorbothane and double sided tape. I sealed the edges with black electricians tape. The fan does have slight noise but I couldn't detect any vibration at 240x. The next clear night should be interesting.

Thanks Again and Clear Skies,

Posted 10/11/2003 01:40PM #1
Steve, if the noise is a problem, try adding a rheostat to the wiring and you can vary the speed to make it quiet. Works for me!
Yes you see the difference imediately with the fan turned off. As it cools down through the night, it does not have quite the dramatic effect as it does when the mirror is not equalized, but it still is a better view even then.
Glad it worked so well for you, it is an easy inexpensive way to improve the optics.

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