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Green Lasers: Thumbs up or down?

Started by ivanong, 03/11/2003 12:20PM
Posted 03/11/2003 12:20PM Opening Post
Hi...anyone out there using a green laser pointer instead of a Rigel or Telrad? What is your opinion? Is it easier? What are the down points?

Posted 03/11/2003 08:31PM #1
I have a green laser. It works great as a hand pointer, and I also attach it to my finder scope. It does not like cold temps. Anything under 45 degress f. and the power diminishes. Colder it is, the worse it works. Bought my first one from a popular company that takes them apart and modifies them. It went out in 10 minutes. Second one was $80 cheaper and just as bright. I have a lot of fun with mine besides astronomy. Chandelier light shows, foggy weather light sabres, beamsplitting, stuff like that. Mine uses 2 AAA batteries, I'm on my second pair in 2 months. Hope that helps you out!
Posted 03/11/2003 11:21PM #2
They work very well. A big advantage is that you can see exactly where the scope is pointed without having to look through some type of finder. Finders often seem inconventiently placed in at least some tube orientations, especially with scopes requiring a ladder. It is also nice that other folks can see exactly where the scope is pointed.

As others have mentioned, you should always be considerate when using a green laser pointer. They don't fit in at all venues. As to their eating batteries - why are folks using one use batteries? If you don't want to use rechargeables, get lithium batteries. Otherwise, invest in rechargeable alkalines or NiMH batteries.

You can use a clothespin to hold the pointer "on" while you are swinging the scope around.