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HGM Titan vs. CGE Pro

Started by Hootscoot, 11/04/2009 01:38PM
Posted 11/04/2009 01:38PM Opening Post
Most of what I do is visual observing, but may dabble in DSLR imaging.
I am contemplating an upgrade in terms of my GoTo setup.
At present, I have a nice G11/Gemini.
The "big boys", ie: Ap, Tak, Paramount, et al, are not in the cards.
Two contenders that may suit are in the post line: the Losmandy and the Celestron.
Your thoughts and experiences?

JMI NGT-18 f/10 GoTo Reflector, "Magellan"
C11 f/10 CFT XLT Fastar, "Dave"
CotoSKY 8.25" f/6 Achromat, "Blackjack"
Meade AR6 f/8 Achromat, "Kalliopi"
WO FLT 110 f/7 Apo, "Apollo"
Coronado PST f/10 "Icarus"
Canon IS 15 X 50 Binoculars
Losmandy G11/Gemini4
Discmounts DM-6, Sky Commander, StarBeam
Denk II Universal Power X Switch Binoviewer
Mallincam HPC/Watek monitor
Collins I3/Astronomik H-a/Starsweeper
Celestron SkyScout
...and some nice glass.
Posted 11/04/2009 05:34PM #1
If you are into portability the Titan is one big mutha mount, I really don't think the CGE Pro is as heavy. If I had to bet on which one would best survive a run-in with a Mack truck, I'd say the Titan. The Titan tripod is also heavy. Probably as solid as you could want. But once you've got it assembled--just the tripod--it's hard to lift and put somewhere else.

I'll leave PE and that stuff to others.

But I will give you this advice, heed it above all else: Keep the system you have until you've worked in with the Titan or CGE Pro for six months and are thoroughly familiar with them and have resolved any issues. Then sell it if you must. But I have found that when I have a good reliable mount it's a mistake to sell it. So I've got a Super Polaris and a G11 even though most of my observing is on the AP.

As for the AP: there is one class which is competitive in your price category, the AP QMD series. These are the APs of the 1990s and they are push-to rather than go-to.

I use the G11 with my refractor and at least right now I am glad that it is there, it has been such a peach in terms of dependability. Ditto with the 900QMD, but you know, I had to send that to AP a couple of times for upgrades and what not, and there I was with the G11. I'm glad I had it and still do use it.

Greg N

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Posted 11/06/2009 08:34AM #2
This has been really hashed out on other sites and there is no clear consensus. Celestron has its following and Losmandy has its own as well.
The CGE-Pro is new and has not been in the field for that long. I would suggest that it will be at least a year or two before enough people have used them in different conditions to have a clear idea of how they work.

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Posted 11/06/2009 12:24PM #3
As Yoda said "There is another"

A bit more expensive but a bit more robust as well.

Also, don't forget Mountain Instruments M250


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