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how paypal payment works?

Started by mhansen, 01/03/2003 07:03PM
Posted 01/03/2003 07:03PM Opening Post
Not really a direct equipment question, but I thought some of you would know this: I have only used paypal to purchase. How does it work when I sell an item and someone pays me with paypal? Does the money get credited to the paypal account where it can only be spent via paypal, or does it get credited to my credit card? I really don't want the money sitting in a paypal count and would prefer the card credit. Actually, my wife thinks I'd spend the money if it set in a paypal account... hmmm, 2" Ultrablock, 7mm XL, 2" barlow :-)

Your help on this is appreciated.

Mark Hansen
Posted 01/03/2003 07:09PM #1
It gets credited to your paypal account, where you can spend it OR they can send you a check or deposit it into a bank account for you. There are fees associated with the latter two options.