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Started by administrator, 06/21/2002 09:09AM
Posted 06/21/2002 09:09AM Opening Post
DON'T even think about coming to these FORUMS with your trench mouth language.
I will not tolerate it.
I look at the last post as strike two. One more and we are going MEMBERS only which is what I wanted from the beginning.

Posted 06/21/2002 09:15AM #1
Thanks Herb, I agree and support you in upholding a higher level.
Posted 06/21/2002 09:44AM #2
Let me be clear.
I have so many hours in a day just like the rest of you.
When I get in the middle of anything to do with AstroMart or it's FORUMS it takes my time and makes me subject to criticism. I don't need more (unconstructive) criticism and I don't need more hours in the day devoted to editing and refereeing AstroMart and FORUMS issues.
It is real easy for me to make this FORUM members only and when people come here to use one of the 7 words they will have THEIR name attached to it.
Makes my life a lot less complicated.

Thank you

Posted 06/21/2002 11:36AM #3
Point taken and my apology.... should not have taken the bait.