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Maybe we should all just agee to disagree!

Started by fblue, 07/22/2003 11:03AM
Posted 07/22/2003 11:03AM Opening Post
You know it seems to me that these discussions about aperture are getting nowhere. I realize that each person likes to think they have made the best possible choice of scopes in their purchase.

The fact is that just as each person likes something different in an automobile, so they make Porsche to Fords, people will like different things in scopes as well.

I think that if you find a better view with a smaller scope in your area, then that is very good for you because you don't need to buy a bigger one. But if you really like to go to places that have great viewing you will find that you would like more aperture in the end. I usually view at a site in the mountains nearby at 8,600' called Mt. Pinos. When I go there can be 150 scopes set up and maybe several hunded or more people there to look through them. You find all sizes and types there, but the larger scopes always get the most attention. People want to look through them to see the view. Maybe it is the shear size of the scopes or the beautiful designs and fantastic setups they have going for them? Maybe it is the great views they provide? I am not sure but I still like to look through them.

If I had the money I would have an observatory with a 200" reflector in it for sure. Heck, I might even throw in a 20" Refractor for good measure, but I am not a rich man!
:^( Because of this fact I must settle for the 8" SCT and the 15" DOB that I own. Could be worse! I could just have a pair of 8x50 binoculars like I had for many years. :^)

Why don't we move on to a subject that is less opinion and a little more fact. Opinions are just that and it seems that everyones is different. Even the pros can't seem to agree on this issue.

I think that conditions and darkness of sky is much more of a issue than aperture. We need better skies not telescopes IMO. Sky and Telescope just had a great article about this, Dark skies or aperture who rules? Darks skies rule every time! If we don't do something to preserve a few dark skies areas our fine scopes will become worthless! I hate to think that I will have to drive hundreds of miles to get to use mine.

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Amateur Imager
Posted 07/22/2003 11:33AM #1
In addition to wanting to believe they're not missing out, I think people typically want to oversimplify things rather than embrace the complexity of it all. Should you buy a 14.5" Newt or a 6" APO? There's a long list of features and issues to consider, and many of them relate as much to you as the scopes. For example, anybody who thinks I'd be just as happy with a GEM-mounted refractor as my primary scope doesn't know me very well. And why do people think that being able to see the most detail is a trump card? I do weigh resolution very highly, but this is a hobby for me, and if I can't see something that somebody else can, then it isn't the end of the world. It definitely doesn't overshadow considerations of, say, cooldown time, ease of setup, and tear-down/packing effort. IMO, the right choice for your main scope is one that you'll use often enough to know how it performs in all kinds of seeing.
Posted 07/22/2003 06:34PM #2
I agree with you. :-)

Plus I have been re-thinking some things and think I know why this is so hard. Refractors show crisp veiws, larger reflector CAN show lot's of detail, so when the seeing is limiting both scopes, I think refractor buffs are noticing how the veiw is sharper, and the reflector people are saying "yeah but it show's the same detail" etc. :-)

Funny too how I think everyone of us would LOVE to own what scopes?.... A nice apo and a huge reflector! So we all like them both anyway :-)

Take care!