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Meade 16" LX200 GPS

Started by oceanbear, 05/24/2004 09:43PM
Posted 05/24/2004 09:43PM Opening Post
I'd be interested in any first hand evaluations of the scope and the mount. I'm considering buying one if we move to southern Arizona from Phoenix.
Possibly you have other recommendations on a large non-portable scope. I already have a 10" LX200 GPS for moving around with and want to set up a permanent pier with a small dome. smile

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Posted 05/25/2004 05:48PM #1
From what I hear, you're better off getting an AP1200 mount with a c14 OTA.
Posted 05/25/2004 10:28PM #2
Would not the 14" Meade LX200 GPS be a more economical choice? It is a fraction of the price and probably offers most of the performace.
Posted 05/26/2004 03:59AM #3
Hey Darrell..take a look at my LX200 16"/Losmandy Titan Combo...its a reasonably portable setup..




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Posted 05/26/2004 05:27AM #4

Thanks for letting us dream along with you. If I had your opportunity, I would also consider:

10" Ritchey-Critien on a Titan mount
16" Parallax Newt on their mount
16" Parks F5 Observatory setup
C14 on Titan mount plus 4" TMB guidescope

Whatever I did--if I had the cost of a Meade 16 GPS to spend--I would start with an excellent mount--at least the Titan, Mountain Instruments, Tak NJP, Paramount, etc. Then I would buy the best OTA that suited my needs with what was left over.

Best wishes with your move and observatory.


Randy Roy
Posted 05/26/2004 01:00PM #5

This sound like my summer project at Fort Lewis College. We have the 16" non-GPS version with two mounting options that we are setting up. The first is puting the scope and giant tripod on a set of tri-dollys so we can roll it out onto the sidewalk when it is not in the dome. The second set up is for inside a 12' clamshell dome at a dark site several miles out of town. In the dome it will sit on a third party pier. Both options are "in progress". We should have power to the dome next week, after which we should be making faster headway. (The reason for two locations is that without some serious road work and plowing in the winter the dome is inaccesible.)

I'll try to let you know how it goes as we get things set up.


Fort Lewis Observatory: (37.238, -108.052) ~2360m (7744 ft.) elevation.
Darkness - typically 6.5+
Scope - Meade 16" LX200; f6.3 focal reducer
Focus - JMI Smart focus
Camera - SBIG ST-10XE; (~.5"/pixel)
Guiding - AO-8 and/or Meade 5"/DSI/PHD
Posted 05/29/2004 12:11AM #6
smile smile smile Thank you all for your excellent input. All I need to find is the house. Was down in Casa Grande today but so far no luck. It's hard leaving the golf course here for a gravel backyard there!

"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."