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Meade 4000 vs Ultima vs TV plossl

Started by adamsdp, 02/26/2003 02:17PM
Posted 02/26/2003 02:17PM Opening Post
I am wondering if anyone has compared the Meade 4000 series plossls, Celestron ultimas and Televue plossls. I am planning to use them for planetary viewing in a binoviewer.
The focal lengths that would work for my scopes w/binoviewer and barlow are one pair 30-32mm and another pair of 18-20mm
and possibly a third pair in the 12-15mm range.

I have a set of Meade 4000 series plossls on backorder from Meade when I ordered one of their scopes so can double up on these cheaply but have read somewhat mixed reviews on these at compared to the TV and ultimas. Thanks for
any advice.

Dave Adams
Posted 02/26/2003 04:27PM #1

My favorite among these are the Ultimas. Very nice
coatings (high contrast). Eyecups and eye position
are also very comfortable for binoviewing. I've
used the 30mm, 18mm, and 12mm and recommend them

TV Plossls are also good. Nice coatings. But I
personally don't care for them in a binoviewer.
The 32mm has this very wide 2" eyecup, and I can
barely get my nose between two of them. The 20mm
is OK. The eye position on the 15mm I find
uncomfortable -- I feel like I'm trying to jam
my eye down into the deep rubber eyecup to see the
entire field. I think they are good for mono-
viewing, but ergonomics are poor for bino.

Meade. I've not tried these in a bino. I used one
or two of them, decided I just didn't like the
coatings, and sold them all. While the Meades
are "multicoated," they seem to reflect alot of light.
They probably used the cheapest 2 or 3 layer
coating thay could produce with a green coloration.