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Meade $99 EP's on Astromart.

Started by jjacobso, 10/03/2002 06:10PM
Posted 10/03/2002 06:10PM Opening Post
Well, now that the Meade $99 EP deal has started shipping, there are already ads popping up on Astromart. Both offering the set for around $350. I am sure we will see Astromart flooded with these EP's as they come in.

Is anyone really willing to pay $350 for a set of eyepieces that cost only $99? Especially since there will be alot of these on the market?
Posted 10/03/2002 09:47PM #1
Nobody's buying these sets for "only $99." Buyers are spending an additional $500 (or more) for the requisite scope included with this Meade offer.

If I were in the market for an entire set of new Meade Super Plossls, I'd gladly pay $350 for it. The set may have *cost* the original owner an additional $99, but that doesn't mean the set is *worth* that same $99.

Another perspective: anyone spending $350 for a new set is *saving* almost $300.

Best wishes.
Posted 10/04/2002 09:54AM #2
It's just my opinion, but asking $300.00+ (from other astronomers) for this special offer set is unrealistic. Especially since they know you payed $99.00. It's true that individually they're worth the $300.00 (or more) but.....

$200-250.00 seems about right, but if a scope store lets you trade them in with a few extra bucks for a 31mm Nagler that's great! Sounds like a good deal to me! My prediction is that not too many will sell on AstroMart at $300.00, but they will move nicely at $250.00 or a bit less.

Ed Moran
Equipment Forum Moderator - Two of Five