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Members only posting comes to the FORUMS

Started by administrator, 07/04/2002 07:47PM
Posted 07/04/2002 07:47PM Opening Post
Members only - as soon as I can get the programmers to do it.
I knew this would never work and I'm tired of policing it.
Look for members only FORUMS tonight or tomorrow.
Besides if you cannot connect your name to your words who wants to listen.

Posted 07/04/2002 10:10PM #1
Fine with me and I can't blame you. Will non members be allowed to read? That seems reasonable to me. Anyone can read but you must register as a member to post. However, if you have to be a member to get in at all - well, it's ok with me, but it might help get other people to register if they could see and read messages so they'd know whether it's worthwhile to them.