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Started by cedar, 07/01/2004 09:00AM
Posted 07/01/2004 09:00AM Opening Post
My hat is off to those guys for best performance with "EQUIPMENT". Cassini project is amazing to me.
Posted 07/01/2004 09:11AM | Edited 07/01/2004 09:17AM #1
...and they're planning on sending Cassini BETWEEN the rings of Saturn! Imagine sending something on a two billion mile trip with such accuracy and control that you can accomplish feats as precise as this, while performing serious research at the same time! We should all be proud of their success and applaud their efforts!


Walter Locke
"The Fearless Spectator"

There are 10^11 stars in the galaxy. That used to be a huge number. But it's only a hundred billion. It's less than the national deficit! We used to call them astronomical numbers. Now we should call them economical numbers.
Richard Feynman
US educator & physicist (1918 - 1988)