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New Eyepiece Collection

Started by HowardP, 05/01/2004 12:45PM
Posted 05/01/2004 12:45PM Opening Post
New eyepiece collection.

I have a used AP155 coming (1040mm f/7) and want to get some eyepieces:

Suburban with light pollution

Plus/minus glasses

Visual use on alt-azmth, mostly planets, lunar, double, some DSO

Radian: 4mm 5mm 6mm

RKE 8mm 12mm (pairs for bino)

Nagler Type 5 16mm

Panoptic 22mm

TeleVue plossl 32mm 40mm

Barlow x2

These would be picked up over a couple of years …

Any thought, suggestions, additions, or subtractions would be appreciated

Thanks Howard
Posted 05/02/2004 03:57PM #2

We're all wiping the drool off of our keyboards so we can type a response. Certainly a nice setup. I can help a little with binoviewer stuff, but don't know nuthin' 'bout refractors.