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Newsweek Article on telescopes

Started by ivanong, 07/22/2003 04:07PM
Posted 07/22/2003 04:07PM Opening Post
The latest Newsweek (28th July) has a little article on telescopes. I thought it was fairly poorly written...e.g. the Meade 60mm refractor has a "small mirror", so objects will be "blurry", Orion's shortube 4.5" Equatorial is a nice "dobsonian", Mars will "loom large on the horizon on the 27th (of what?)", just like a harvest moon, good grief!It seems that the author is saying the bigger the "mirror", the better the scope.
Posted 07/22/2003 04:27PM #1
As they say in Hollywood, maybe bad news is better than no news??????
Posted 07/22/2003 05:32PM #2
I say it's indicative of the quality of everything else reported where we don't happen to know better ... unfortunately.

Every time anyone publishes something where I do have some outside understanding it's way off ... so why would it be any better in the other cases?
Posted 07/22/2003 06:42PM #3
I work at a large multinational and we recently moved into a new building. To christen it, employees were asked to name the meeting rooms and the employee chosen theme for the third floor was star names.

To make short story very short, not a single star name was voted in. Among the selections? Galileo, Andromeda, Quasar, Omega and some others that I can't quite remember. Not one star's name! My objections fell on deaf ears twice! Once when I pointed out before voting that there were names on the list that were not star names, and afterwards when I pointed out that not one room had been named after a star.

One would think that at least scientists and engineers would be better informed. One would be wrong.