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Newt Fans

Started by Ron777, 10/02/2003 07:02PM
Posted 10/02/2003 07:02PM Opening Post
Hey Folks,

I finally did the big fan project. I asked questions about it, read Tom Hole's website (thanks Tom) and for anyone considering doing this method, do not hesitate! It works great!
I finished it up last night and was dying to try it, I went out and let the scope cool for about 20 min. (not enough normally) then got old Mars in the eyepeice. At 266x it was pretty featureless, then I flipped the fans on, and just like Tom said, within 30 seconds, boom, it cleared up! I could see some great detail on it considering it's fading size. :-) I turned the fans off, then within 20 seconds, eeww it was ugly again. :-)
And the scope isn't even permanently marred. :-)

Really cool stuff man!

Posted 10/02/2003 07:11PM #1
That sounds like a worthwile project then.
I have been toying around with putting an extra fan in the box to blow across the mirror. Would not be too hard to do and I have the fans sitting in my parts bin.
Maybe I need to take a few minutes and rig one up. I already have one to cool the backside of the mirror. Just need to add one above the mirror.

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Posted 10/02/2003 09:04PM #2

Good news, indeed! I wish I could take credit for the concept, but that goes to Gene Baraff. We brainstormed together for a way to get air across the primary's face. I came up with a bunch of dorkie ideas and Gene came up with the ring/deflector. That has proven to be the key to this method. Makes it very simple for tube dob owners to try out active cooling without having to chop up the OTA. Glad to here it works well.

Clear skies,

Posted 10/03/2003 05:56AM #3
Cool (pun intended), Ron!

I'm in the process of installing a couple "blow across" fans in my 13" dob, which, even with a fan blowing on the back of the mirror, still takes hours to cool. This gives me more incentive to get it done. I'll let y'all know how it comes out.

Doug Scobel
Posted 10/03/2003 09:28AM #4
The topic of using fans for thermal management is in general discussed also on