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Piggy Backing on a 10" LX200 GPS

Started by oceanbear, 06/15/2004 08:45PM
Posted 06/15/2004 08:45PM | Edited 06/15/2004 08:46PM Opening Post
After some discussion about the CC&R's at my new home I've decided to Robo-Dome the 10" LX200 GPS. They didn't much care for a Galactica 360 in the backyard (What spoil sports!).

I want to keep the 416XTE CCD on the 10" and run the entire site from the den in the house, but need to PiggyBack the Meade with a small refractor equipped with a electronic eyepiece. That way I can see what I'm shooting and also use it for a guide if necessary.

Anybody got an idea for a short tube OTA that I could use that wouldn't break the bank. How about mounting rings?

Thanks for your thoughts.

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Posted 06/16/2004 12:20PM | Edited 06/16/2004 12:23PM #1
I have just purchased a Stellarvue Nighthawk and love it. Images are tack sharp. When the reviews say its "King of Short Tubes" they weren’t kidding. It is very reasonably priced considering the caliber of scope. If you keep your eye open in the classifieds you can pick one up in the $300 - $325 range with some great accessories. As for guide scope rings, I plan on piggybacking my scope. Losmandy makes a great dovetail system and Stellarvue just came out with a system as well. I like the Stellarvue system because of its rubber tiped pins. This way the OTA of the scope dosn't get marked, not to mention its $85 cheaper.

Clear skies,