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Planetary traveling Scope

Started by lthaxton, 11/20/2002 11:25AM
Posted 11/20/2002 11:25AM Opening Post
I am in something of a dilemma: I have been using a 3.5" Questar as a "quick look" scope. It is quite light and even on the Tuthill Isolastic mount can be up and running in short order. But it is a 3.5" scope. I would like to "grow it" as Mr. Clinton was so fond of saying.

I recently saw the new M715 7" F/15 mak/cass scope from ITE-APM-etc. and it sounds like someone did "grow" the Questar (yes the Q7 is there but good Lord the cost!!). But then there are the MN 76 and the MN160.

In any case the scope woud be a traveling companion and is guaranteed to spend a few weeks a year on a remote beach in Baja where it would be called on to do a bit of every type of observing-informal Messier marathons to "wowing" other Baja travelers with Jupiter, Saturn, the Moon etc. At home it would be a quick look scope with a bit more light grasp.
A Losmandy GM11 would be shouldering the load.

Your thoughts/experiences?


Posted 11/21/2002 02:47PM #1
Hi Larry! The problem isn't portability of the 'scope, but size of the vehicle. With a nice, loooong station wagon or mini-van, why you could just sail off with a big D&G refractor and its monster mounting. Just think of all the advantages: minimal need to recollimate, short wait to reach thermal equilibrium, razor-sharp views, etc. And picking out a new vehicle can't be any harder than deciding on a new scope. ;-)


John Harrington
Nashville, TN