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Portability+Aperture+Wide field...Any suggestions?

Started by robcos, 03/26/2004 06:04AM
Posted 03/26/2004 06:04AM Opening Post
Can someone recommend a decent wide field, relatively portable 6-8 inch scope? Not dobsonian however. I'll want it on a Gem(or i'll sell the gem and put it on a giro maybe).

I know i'm contradicting myself somewhat when i say wide field/portable...but is there anything out there? I'm on a budget of 800 bucks tops. I'm considering the 6 or 8 inch LXD Schmidt-Newt-but worry about the mount.

Any help would be appreciated big time. I had considered the MN56 if I had sold my Stellarvue to help finance it...but I just can't bear to sell it.
Posted 03/26/2004 07:42AM #1
Orion Skyview Pro 8. F/4.9. Good optics, good mount. Getting good reviews. $598 with drives. I have the tube on a Unistar deluxe. Works good for me!.