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Rate my atmosphere..

Started by Ron777, 07/23/2003 07:25PM
Posted 07/23/2003 07:25PM Opening Post
Hey astro persons,.. :-)

After the Mars thread down there, it got me wondering what my atmosphere is like, here is on average what an out of focus star image looks like in our skies, how does this compare to you LUCKY people who are seeing Mars really well?

Thanks again!

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Posted 07/23/2003 07:59PM #1

How did you get my skies ? Yep, not as bad as mine though. Always looks like that and more often than not, WORSE. While I was in Arizona for two weeks "Show Low, AZ Elev 6300ft" not until my last two nights was it any better. Except it was at least DARK and the Milky Way was as it should be. The sky was so turbulent it made Mars a blob. Jupiter had no bands and just shimmered. Like I said the last two nights did make up for the bad ones. Here in Fresno, its always rotten but I may be moving to San Diego soon, I here its not to bad around those parts ? BTW I see number 5 and 6 most of the time.