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Started by fblue, 07/18/2003 05:00PM
Posted 07/18/2003 05:00PM Opening Post
The pictures look good, but unfortunantly you can not see through the scope in a picture.
The optics could be screwed or missing.
The only thing I really don't like about your deal is that he is not willing to deal with you to protect your money. He is only interested in getting the cash and quickly.
1st of all I can not see why a church would get the scope to begin with and then sell it through someone like this guys mother. I don't know, sounds funny. I would not buy it unless I could actually look at it in person I think.
I bought a set of Naglers from a Window that didn't know how to sell on line. A friend helped her out by selling them on Astromart. It was $1300 and I was a bit nervous, but it was just as described and they arrived by overnight delivery. They were like brand new just as they said. It could be that this is a straight deal with wierd circumstances! It could also be a deal like happened to the guy I know and it is a good on the outside and completely screwed set of optics. All it takes is to put the scope away wet once and it can be ruined in a few days.
Not trying to rain on your parade, but I can't help but think you need to cover your ass somehow. I still think that a trip is in order or at least he accepts escrow at your expense.

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